About Us

The principal idea in Montessori is that the children learn by doing; with a little guidance they are inspired by curiosity and ambition to discover their world around them that is strategically placed at their fingertips in the Montessori schools to help with their cognitive, physical and emotional development. Errors are the stepping stones of intellectual growth and the child is able to do this on his own without the shame of failure. The children learn by using hands on Montessori materials, NOT toys. The materials are fun, exciting, and enticing to draw their attention. Unlike toys, they provide an academic curriculum from pre K to senior Kindergarten and prepare children for Grade 1 and far beyond.


Our activities are developed to provide both individual experiences and social development, so your child may choose to work alone on their own projects, or they may choose to work with other children in a group activity. Children are planned for a given lessons individually. This allows them to learn at their own pace; whether they need more time with something or they are ready to move ahead. This way, the Directress can address the specific needs of a child and can respond to that individual child's level of understanding and interest.

Our students learn through hands on experiences and investigation. Our school, like all other authentic Montessori schools, is designed specifically for children aged 21/2 – 6 years. We offer a child sized environment for your child to feel comfortable, develop self discipline, internal purpose, motivation , academic, physical and social development.. These values will serve them well in their further education and lives as adults. We do not just offer an education, we offer a foundation for life. Our classroom is a bright and exciting environment for learning with an atmosphere that consciously teaches children to be kind and peaceful. We have a multi-aged classroom of children aged 2 ½ -6. This allows for progression in your child’s learning process, develops a close and long term relationship between teachers and students which allows them to know each child’s learning style and encourages a sense of community among the children. Lessons and planning are done individually for each child so every child can work at their own pace.

The Students have French twice a week and yoga class once a week!