It is often asked why Montessori should be chosen over regular kindergarten. 
Montessori offers children a comfortable learning environment that was  
developed specifically for their needs and how they learn best. It is a proven     
philosophy that has worked for years and provides children with an excellent
leg up into Grade 1.
We all want the best for our children and this three year program will give
them a strong foundation for the rest of their academic years as well as
independence in their daily life skills.

Designed around observations of how children learn. Made by adults
3 year age mix - no competition and allows children to learn at their own pace. Same aged children who have same needs at the same time. must learn at same time.
1 to 8 teacher student ratio 1 to 16 teacher student ratio.
Individual lesson plans Children planned for as a group.
Children learn by doing. Children learn by being told, memorization.
Proven results for over 100 years Test pilots
Scientific and mathematically correct,hands on learning materials. Play based learning.
Full or Half day programs, 5 days a week.